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The award has been granted since 1977 for outstanding achievements in cultural creativity supporting the joint cultivation and development of Silesian heritage and the promotion of Silesian cultural achievements.

Awarded for activities in favor of the Polish-German dialogue by the German Consul General in Wrocław.

Award from the presidents of Poland and Germany for outstanding achievements in building Polish-German understanding and cooperation between young people.

  • As a violinist I give concerts in Poland and abroad (since 1987).
    • For the Wrocław Philharmonic W. Lutosławski / International Festival Wratislavia Cantans A. Markowski / National Forum of Music W. Lutosławski (since 2012) I manage concerts, educational projects, engage in cross-border cooperation.
    • I was manager of the NFM Leopoldinum Orchestera (2018-2015). I have arranged publishing projects, advertising campaigns and international concert tours.
    • I coordinated in NFM the ISCM World Music Days (2014).
    • I wrote the chapter „Music knows no borders” for the book entitled Potentials of good neighborhood – cultural education in Poland and Germany (2018, published by the National Cultural Center and the Genshagen Foundation).
    • As artistic director of Encounter with Music in Oels (2018-2014), I coordinated concerts, exhibitions and meetings. I recruited the presidents of low Silesian citys to engage in cultural education.
    • I founded a youth orchestra: Polish-German Young Philharmonic (2017-1999) and have worked with cultural institutions, local governments, politicians, educators, conductors and instrumentalists of both countries.
    I managed four CD’s with works by A. Arutiunian, L. Bernstein, A. Dvorak, S. Kisielewski, W. Kilar, K. Kurpiński, M. Karłowicz / R. Bukowski, M. Moszkowski, M. Mussorgski, T. Natanson , G. Pstrokońska-Nawratil, C. Saint-Saens, J. Walczyński, G. Verdi.
    Currently, musicians – students of the GPYPh perform with renowned orchestras in Poland, Germany, Switzerland, England and the United States. They are recognized educators. They promote cross-border and European cooperation in their communities.
    • I founded the art agency Artes (2016-2011), which organized concerts and international educational projects.
    • I founded and directed Young Classic Wratislavia – the international festival of young symphonic, chamber, jazz orchestras, bands, big bands performing symphonic, vocal-instrumental, film and pop music (Lower Silesia 2011-2004).
    • I am the author of the profile of the Pro Arte Foundation (2011-2002), which is committed to cultural, intercultural, international and intergenerational dialogue.
    • I managed a tour of the White Stork Synagogue Choir in Wrocław to Germany and Estonia (2008)
    • I recorded and released an album Light (2008) which featured works by J.S. Bach, P. Czajkowski, G. Fauré, M. Finkelstein, F. Fiorillo, G. F. Händel, T. Kulikowski, J. Massenet, J. Pachelbel performed on violin with organ accompaniment.
    • For the European Forum Women Today (Wrocław, 2007) I organized concerts, exhibitions, meetings and publications on the occasion of St. Elizabeth of Hungary, Patroness of Europe.
    • I prepared a concert for the opening of the Holocaust Memorial (Berlin, 2005).
    • I co-organized a concert celebrating Poland’s accession to the European Union. Angel of Europe (Wroclaw, 2003).
    • I organized a concert and a vernissage on the occasion of the Wrocław millennium. Meeting of Cultures – Song of the World (Wrocław, 2000).


Cultural Management, Jagiellonian University, Kraków (2007-2006).
Dresden Academy for Early Music, Dresden, Marienthal. Baroque violin, Prof. Simon Standage (1998-1995).
Academy of Music K. Lipiński, Wrocław. Instrumental Faculty, violin class, Prof. Krzysztof Bruczkowski (1995-1989).

I perform as an orchestra musician, chamber musician, soloist in Poland, Germany, Ukrainian, Estonia, France, Great Britain, Norway, Spain, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Italy.

I work with Polish and European ensembles, artistic agencies, philharmonics, operas and theatres (since 1987).

As a soloist, including with the Synagogue Choir under the White Stork in Wrocław (2010 – 1999), in the performances of Leo Tolstoy’s „The Story of the Horse” at the Polish Theatre in Wrocław with the participation of I. Przegrodzki, W. Kościelniak, W. Dąbrowski, J. Szejbal (1991-1990).

A great musical adventure was cooperation with the musical poetry group „Wolny Wybór-Free Choice”, whose founder and musician was Jacek Antczak (1996-1989).

I recorded two albums with this group, for which we received awards: the Journalist Prize of the Festival in Siedlce (1995), 1st National Prize of OPPA “, Warsaw (1990), 2nd National Prize of OPPA”, Warsaw (1989).

My artistic development was inspired by postgraduate studies at the Dresden Academy for Early Music, which I did as a scholarship holder in the baroque violin class of Prof. Simon Standage. Fascinated by historical practice on instruments of historical periods, I took part in workshops and master classes of Peter Lessauer, Marinette Troost, Zygmunt Kaczmarski, Simon Standage, Michaela Comberti, Pauline Nobes, Julia Bishop.

I graduated from Music Academie K. Lipiński in Wrocław at the instrumental department in the class of Prof. K. Bruczkowski. I wrote my diploma thesis on the topic „The development of technique and personality of an instrumentalist violinist on the basis of the first pedagogical treatises”.

I come from a family with musical traditions. I’ve been playing the violin since I was 7 years old.

  • Wrocław Philharmonic W. Lutosławski / International Festival Wratislavia Cantans A. Markowski / National Forum of Music W. Lutosławski (since 2012). I organize concerts, create cultural educational projects and develop cross-border cooperation. I managed the NFM Leopoldinum Orchestra (2018-2015) and arranged publishing projects, advertising campaigns and international concert tours. I coordinated the World Music Days / ISCM World Music Days (2014).
    • The Genshagen Foundation. I work in their council for the dialogue between art, culture, politics, economy, science and media (since 2018).
    • Diploma of the German Ambassador in Poland. I received it for activities in the German-Polish dialogue (2017).
    • Artes I founded an art agency arranging concerts and international educational projects (2016-2011), incl. Polish-German Young Philharmonic MORE Young Classic Wratislavia – Festival of Young Orchestras Meetings with Music in Oels.
    • The Good Neighbor award. I was honored by the Deutsch-Polnisches Jugendwerk for my special commitment to the Polish-German youth exchange (2011).
    • Pro Arte Foundation. I am the author of the profile and the development and the President (2011-2002).

National Forum of Music W. Lutosławski. I create cultural educational projects in the NFM educational centre, the project „Let’s meet at the NFM”, meetings with youth, adults, seniors and business circles (since 2015).

Artes Artistic Agency. I have developed activities in the field of cultural education, trainings, workshops, meetings, exhibitions, publications (2018-2011).

Foundation Pro Arte. I organized educational projects, international youth meetings, workshops, trainings, publications (2011-2002).

Violin workshops and the National Advisory Centre for Primary Strings Education. I co-organized and translated from English, German and Russian (2004-1991).

Music School F. Chopin in Oleśnica. I taught violin (1998-1995).

Genshagen Foundation. I work for the international dialogue between art, culture, politics, economy, science and media (since 2017).

Nationale Art Therapy Conference. I presented a lecture and a publication entitled “Communication through Art” (2011).

Pontifical Faculty of Theology and the Congregation of the Sisters of Mary Immaculate. I supported the organization of the Days of Judaism in the Catholic Church, as well as a concert and scientific session dedicated to the founder of the community, Johannes Schneider (2011-2009).

Society for Open Education and the Lower Silesian Center of Creatives. I taught art therapy courses (2012-2008).

German Social-Cultural Society. I supported activities to promote the artistic potential and heritage of national minorities. I have arranged concerts, meetings, festivals, workshops, anniversaries and recordings of folk bands (2016-2005).

Salon of Prof. Josef Dudek. I arranged and managed concerts (2006-2003).

Foundation Pro Arte. I initiated and developed social activities, meetings, cooperations and workshops (2011-2002).

School of Music K. Szymanowski. I organized international projects, cooperations and workshops (2005-1999).

European Strings Teachers Association (ESTA). I supported the organization of the National Workshops for Teachers of String Instruments in Poland (2000-1995).

Violinist, manager of the National Forum of Music, cultural animator, social activist.

I am a graduate of the violin class of Prof. Krzysztof Bruczkowski at the Instrumental Department of the K. Lipiński Academy of Music in Wrocław, as well as the baroque violin classes of Prof. Simon Standage at the Dresden Academy for Early Music.

I graduated from the Faculty of Cultural Management, Jagiellonian University.
I have taken part in international master classes. As an orchestra as well as chamber musician, I give concerts in Poland and abroad.

I manage with the popularization of music and adult education at the National Forum of Music W. Lutosławski in Wrocław. I am a board member of the Genshagen Foundation, which promotes art and culture in Europe.

My artistic and management skills bring into light musical projects in Poland and abroad. I organize concerts and create cultural education projects for different target groups.

On my initiative were founded: the Polish-German Young Philharmonic (Junge Deutsch-Polnische Philharmonie) and the Young Classic Wratislavia Festival of Youth Orchestras.

I am inspired by the dialogue of music with the emotions of its listeners, the joy of making music together, international cooperation and the promotion of Polish art and artists. My enthusiasm is awakened by history of music, the composers and artists. I adore telling powerful stories about them.

Professionalism and teamwork are my values. Musical education has developed my potential of creativity and the art of presentation. My passions are music, travels, film and literature.

I cordially invite you to cooperation!



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